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4 Interior Painting Rules You Should be Following

When you’re deciding to make that big step and paint your walls, whether you’re painting over another color or painting brand new drywall, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Here are four rules you should remember before you start your next paint job!

Never Forget to Prime

It’s very important to remember to prime your walls if you’re painting new drywall. Forgetting to prime before you start painting will cause the paint to just soak into the drywall instead of adhering to it. Priming the wall may take some extra time, but it is guaranteed to make your painting job look better than it would without it.

Wait for the Paint to Dry in Between Coats

If you’re needing to apply multiple coats of paint to your walls, remember to let the paint dry in between coats. This will help you to see where you’re painting because the dried paint oxidizes, and your wet paint will be easier to keep track of. Waiting for the paint to dry in between coats also prevents your paint from peeling or streaking, which should definitely be avoided when you’re looking to achieve a clean, crisp paint job.

Cover ALL of Your Furniture and Flooring

Always remember to move all of your furniture to the center of the room and cover all of your carpet or hard floors with either linen sheets or plastic. It may be time-consuming to do all of this, but a non-removable paint stain lasts a lot longer than the time it’ll take to cover your floors and furniture.

Don’t Let Your Leftover Paint Dry Out

If you happen to have any paint left over after you finish painting, be sure to seal the can the best you can so you can touch up any paint scuffs if ever needed! This can save you money and keep you from wasting whatever you had leftover.

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